Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Please see answers to most common questions we get. Call us to discuss your specific situation.

How much does it cost to build custom software?2021-08-24T19:50:05+00:00

It depends on the size. From something small that is under 20 screens can cost $35,000 to a large application with over 50 screens that can cost $200,000 and up.

How fast can you build it?2021-08-24T19:55:31+00:00

It depends on the size and your vision. More clear you are with what you want, the faster we can build it. Typically, a small size software can take less than 3 months but, a large size software may take 6 months+.

What technology will you use to build it?2021-08-24T20:11:19+00:00

From .NET to any open source technology stack like PHP or MEAN, your need will drive the technology we select.

Will you provide support after it’s built?2021-08-24T20:01:32+00:00

Yes. We are here for the long haul. Our first customer from 2003 still relies on us to maintain and support the application we built for them.

Who have you built software for?2021-08-24T20:06:22+00:00

From $0 revenue startups to fortune 500 companies like WalMart. When you are ready, you can speak to any of our customers.


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